It’s a simple fact that we are alive because we are able to breathe, but do you really know that there’s a special training class for breathing? Yes, it exists. Known as ‘breathwork’, the breathing training program has become increasingly popular these days. The breathwork is heard to lower the stress levels, helps to improve focus, and help in getting better sleep.

As it’s gaining importance gradually, athletes and celebrities are enthusiastically participating in these classes. Though there’s nothing new about breathing, ‘breathwork’ essentially means bringing a slight change the way you breathe in order to change how you feel — whether that’s to help you unwind or to boost energy.

Apart from this, there’s also breathing re-training which helps you in breathe more effectively on daily basis.

Richie Bostock from London, who teaches breathwork says that most of us breathe incorrectly. ‘I’d estimate that 90 to 95 percent of people breathe in a way that isn’t anatomically optimal and that’s not congruent to health and happiness,’ he says.

‘The most common mistake is what we call vertical breathing, where people breathe high and shallow — their shoulders go up and their upper chest goes out a bit, but there’s very little movement in the belly and midsection.

‘We need to learn to breathe from lower down, with everything moving out, not just up, so expanding on the inhale and relaxing on the exhale — toddlers breathe this way instinctively. But as adults, tight belts, tight schedules, and tight minds are literally taking people’s breath away.’

He suggests that people can simplify breathing exercise even without attending the classes. He says simply breathe in for a count of five and out for five if you want to relax and the results would be amazing.

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