We’ve heard many tales of Kumbhakarna in Hindu mythology about his food and sleep obsession. Kumbhakarna, the brother of demon king Ravana used to sleep for 6 months at a stretch. But, these are all just myths and we haven’t seen such people existing.

But, a 19-year-old Jane Butler from USA seems to have come a bit closer to him. At a time, when having a full 8-hour sleep has become a luxury to most of us, she surprisingly sleeps for 19 hours in a day.

It was revealed that she was affected by a rare disease ‘Clean Levin Syndrome’ as a result which she is sleeping for long hours.

The doctors said that only one among 10 lakh persons get affected by this disease and there’s no proper treatment for this rare disease as for now.

Jane Butler was affected by this disease which is also fondly called as ‘Sleeping Beauty Syndrome’ in last November. She was forced to miss her exams, dance competition, and even Christmas celebrations due to this disease.

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