The celebrations for ‘Sri Rama Navami’ began at Bhadrachalam. The festival at Bhadrachalam is celebrated for ten days from ‘Chaitra Suddha Saptami’ to ‘Bahula Padyami’. It marks Lord Sri Rama’s birthday and the Kalyanotsavam celebrated during then attracts about three lakhs of devotees. It is a day of festivity for “Ramabhaktas”.

The Grand wedding celebration

The temple celebrates the celestial wedding between Rama and Sita in a grand scale mimicking the actual event. The commentators role-play by arrogating themselves to either the bride’s (Sita’s) family or the bridegroom’s (Rama’s side). The role-play is complete in every aspect and includes every small detail, as much as human feelings are attributed to the deities – such as “Sita being shy and her cheeks blushing pink as she approaches Rama”.

These celebrations are being practiced from about 400 years ago, introduced during Tana Shah’s rule continued even through the Nizam’s rule and still continue to this day. All the jewels used are those made by ‘Ramadas’ and the natural seawater pearls used during the wedding ritual of ‘Talambralu’ still comes from an endowment created by the Nizam’s trust.

This event is telecast live both on All India Radio and on Television for nearly three hours with a good description in the commentary. The chief minister of the State also attends the Kalyanotsavam.

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