Sri Reddy abuses Pawan Kalyan, who’s behind her?

Telugu actress Sri Reddy is the talk of the town. With each passing day, her protest is reaching new heights and also, she is emerging with a new headline and making waves in the Telugu film industry. Her ‘strip protest’ managed to help her garner enough attention in the country. Even International media covered it.
It is important to note that despite being a nobody in the industry, the support she garnered is incredible. Every now and then, she makes sensational comments on the casting couch in the Tollywood and also reveals the proofs for the same.

With her ‘strip protest’, the Movie Artists’ Association (MAA) lifted the ban on Sri Reddy and it has also announced that it will set up a Committee Against Sexual Harassment which will meet once in three months.
Recently, actor-turned-politician Pawan Kalyan reacted to her issue and said, “There is no use going to TV channels. The women should go to police stations. More than this sensationalism, there is a need to fight all such injustice in court.”
“Instead of resorting to such protests, it’s better to approach the police and narrate their problems. Let them handle it. Because how much ever we speak to the media, it is the government’s duty to do justice,” he added.
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Sri Reddy thanked him for his support but then, she took a U-Turn and slammed him for his comments.
While speaking at a press meet in Hyderabad, she spoke about Pawan Kalyan’s marriage to three women.
Sri Reddy further added that she regrets the decision of calling Pawan Kalyan ‘Anna’ and slapped herself on camera with her own footwear.
She used cuss word against Pawan Kalyan.
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And this irked the fans of Pawan Kalyan and they are vowing to destroy the career of Sri Reddy and are abusing her.
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Also, this behaviour of Sri Reddy is raising several doubts as who’s behind her?

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