Sri Reddy blames Nani for her ouster from 'Bigg Boss 2'

Actress Sri Reddy who made several allegations on Nani earlier now comes up with a new allegation. She accused Nani as the main reason behind her ouster from the ‘Bigg Boss 2’.

Sri Reddy who has been carrying protests over the ‘casting couch’ menace in the film industry said that she was going through a financial crisis for the past 3 months and hoped to get some assistance through the reality show. While she assumed that her financial woes would end, the organizers shocked her by saying she is not selected due to some politics.
With she been left out, an angered Sri Reddy blamed Nani for her ouster and went on to say that Nani had exploited her promising film careers. Sri Reddy criticized Nani for exploiting the lives of many budding actresses and asked him to swear on his son, then she would withdraw her allegations.

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