To everyone’s surprise and wonder, an artist and photographer Russell Klimas has stunned everyone by creating different symbols with his drone to draw them in the sky in just fifteen minutes.

He created Pokemon characters – Pikachu and Ellie, Batman symbol and others.

He used a Lumecube, a powerful LED light, which he attaches to his drone to create bright, white streaks in the sky depicting the images.

Also, he used Google Earth a navigation app called Litchi to create detailed flight plans for making waypoints  to make the intricate paintings at the clearest point in the sky.

Check here:

He said, “A few months ago I was inspired to try and see what shapes I could create while attaching a Lumecube to my drone. I’d seen people like Phil Fisher do shapes in the sky manually and was extremely impressed but didn’t have the time to learn how to fly shapes manually.”

He added, “So instead I scoured the net on drone apps that could make things like this possible, and this was my discovery.”

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