Swamy Prabhodananda accuses JC Diwakar Reddy of holding the grudge

The tussle between JC Diwakar Reddy and Swamy Prabhodananda is growing bigger. After JC Diwakar Reddy complained of illegal activities in Swamy Prabhodananda Ashram and accused him as the Dera Baba of the south, Swamy Prabhodananda now hits back at JC Diwakar Reddy.

He said that JC Diwakar Reddy is holding grudge against him for denying fund when he was invited for the inauguration of Krishna Mandir in 2003. Swamy Prabhodananda also alleged JC provoked people of the neighboring villages against the Ashram with a grudge against him.


He also clarified that no anti-social activities are being carried out at the Ashram and sai why would higher officials including the IAS officers visit his Ashram if anything such happens.


As a part of probing, a 3-member committee visited Prabhodananda Ashram on Friday to probe the allegations. The panel comprises of Joint Collector-2 Subbaraju, RDO Malola, and DSP Vijay Kumar. To receive the complaints, the committee members held a meeting with the villagers of Chinnapolamada.