T-Tension for Jana Sena in Telangana

With Telangana CM KCR dissolving the Assembly and throwing an open challenge to other political parties, the parties have become alert and started sketching out new plans to defeat TRS.
However, Pawan Kalyan who has been making waves in AP politics seems to have not fully focussed on Telangana. Feeling better late than never, the Jana Sena political affair committee started sketching their own strategies to implement in Telangana.

Tammineni Veerabhadram from Bahujan front had already met Pawan Kalyan and shared his idea to unite with Jana Sena to fight against TRS in Telangana. The Jana Sena released a press note mentioning the party would come to a clarity after submitting the first report to Pawan Kalyan on Saturday, and Sunday.
But, doubts arose over Pawan Kalyan’s strategy in Telangana as he had repeatedly praised KCR and his governance several times. As Pawan Kalyan had praised KCR to the skies, it now remains to be seen how could he campaign against the TRS in Telangana.
Moreover, as the elections will be held months before in Telangana than AP, Jana Sena might not leave a big impact here which would eventually affect in the Andhra Pradesh. As Pawan Kalyan has no other option to prepare to give KCR a tough fight, it won’t be a surprise if Pawan Kayan takes the AP politics lightly.