On the early morning of February 18, an Indian American couple was found dead in their home in Sugar Land, Texas. The police are investigating it as a murder suicide.

As per the police, a 911 call was placed at about 5:40 am and the anonymous caller only gave an address before hanging up.

The police found Shanti Nakirekanti in the driveway, dead from a gunshot wound to her head. Sreenivas Nakirekanti was found dead in the bedroom of the couple’s home, with a gunshot wound in his chest with a gun lay nearby.

The couple’s teenage daughter was home during the incident, and told police she had slept through the shootings.

In a statement, the Sugar Land Police Department said, “The two fatalities in Telfair fits the scenario of a murder-suicide. This case is still under investigation. There is no danger to residents and SLPD is not looking for any suspects.”

Further investigation is underway.

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