This Ship is exclusively for adults

The Britain based businessman Richard Branson wants to make cruising sexy and an irresistible experience to the sailors. And in doing so, he wants to eliminate children for boarding the cruise.

Within no time he launched a big luxury cruise ‘Virgin Voyages’ which can carry around 2,700 passengers. The first Virgin Voyages ship will sail Caribbean cruises out of Miami, beginning in 2020. It would be adult by design, had overwhelmingly had the most positive reaction from travel partners and the bookings have opened already.
Below are some of the details president and CEO, Tom McAlpin revealed:
The ship will be adults-only, as Cruise Critic reported in October 2017. “A chemical reaction occurs when you put children in the water,” McAlpin said. “They scream.” The minimum age for the ships will be 18. “Moms and dads, they need a break too,” he said. “We’re not for all people.”
It will focus on immersive entertainment; there will be a casino but no Broadway shows. “If they want to see a Broadway show, they’ll go to Broadway,” McAlpin said.
There’s a chance arrival times into port will be much later than the industry standard of roughly 7 to 8 a.m. Added McAlpin: “Our guests are young at heart. Maybe they don’t want to go out at 7 in the morning, so [the ship] might come in later and then leave later.”
The majority (86 percent) of cabins will have balconies, and 93 percent will offer ocean views.

Shore excursions will be more off-the-beaten-path.
Aesthetically speaking, the ship will be mid-sized (carrying 2,750 passengers) but its design will be inspired by a sleek superyacht with silvery gray colors and smoked glass. Some of the creative lighting elements that Virgin brought to its airline will also be present, McAlpin said.
Virgin Voyages’ reservations call center will be located in the same building as the rest of the company’s staff, in line with the parent company’s culture.
There will be an opportunity for cruisers to bundle vacation packages, with Virgin Atlantic flights and Virgin hotels.