Those 60 families are mine....What about the Driver?

While the Amritsar train tragedy has left the families of the dead in a deep grievance, the political parties are using the tragedy for their own political mileage. The central and state governments have been blaming each other. Former cricketer and politician Navjot Singh Sidhu has vowed to take care of the families of the deceased and found fault with everyone who is blaming his wife for no fault of her.

Sidhu has questioned the central government’s integrity for giving a clean chit to the driver and not even revealing his name. Amidst this controversy, the news of Train drivers suicide is making rounds in Amritsar. A letter which is claimed to be written by driver Arvind Kumar was posted on social media.
It was mentioned in the letter that though the driver honked the horn repeatedly and tried to apply the brakes, it was too late and the damage is already done by that time. But, the police are quashing it as a baseless rumor and requesting people not to believe in this.