As the year 2019 is just a few days away, the tech-savvy are eager to know the gadgets to look out for in 2019. Here are the top 5 gadgets that are up for the grabs in 2019.


1. OnePlus TV

OnePlus which has captured the smartphone market will soon foray into Smart televisions. It’s rumored that OnePlus TV will support both Google Home and Amazon Echo. However, it’s still not clear whether OnePlus will go with the standard Android TV interface. It’s possible that like rival Xiaomi’s Patchwall, OnePlus will also go with a custom solution, the way ti uses Oxygen OS on its phones. Some opine that OnePlus TV will also have a unique design, with very unusual materials, but at the same time, it’s expected to be priced very high. While the Xiaomi Mi TV that remained a trendsetter in 2018, OnePlus might create a new trend in 2019.

2. Apple iPad 2019

Though it’s only Apple tablet that was successful in the market, the company has continued to try new things, such as the introduction of its iPad Pro range. But while these high-end devices get a lot of the hype, the basic iPad could emerge as the real star of 2019, just as it did in 2018.

Going by the rumors, the next iPad will follow the iPhone XR format and come with a smaller, lower resolution display but with some serious processing power and also with support for the new version Apple Pencil, along with the facility of wireless charging.

3. Qualcomm 8cx powered laptops

Apart from the new flagship processor at an event in Hawaii, a lot more is expected from Qualcomm next year. The processers by Qualcomm have been seen in notebooks earlier, but those were seen as slightly boosted up versions of their mobile counterparts. But, with the 8cx, Qualcomm has introduced a chip that is designed mainly for notebooks. While it is unlikely to give competition to the heavy duty notebooks in the gaming and graphics-editing department, but for those seeking a portable device with fantastic battery life (some estimates are putting it at 20 hours while connected to 4G/LTE), the 8cx notebooks (or tablets) could just be perfect.

Lenovo’s Yoga and Asus’ NovaGO series of devices are favorites to get this new chip first, and rumor is rife that the chip could give Chromebooks just the sort of push they need to really go mainstream.

4. Poco F2

It’s a known fact that people are willing to see foldable phones from just about everyone, a new iPhone from Apple, the new Note from Samsung, the next Pixel from Google, the OnePlus 7 and so on, but we can surely and say that the most awaited phone is the next one from Xiaomi’s sub-brand, Poco.

The reason is simple: If the device is the first reason, the second one will be it offers high-end specifications and decent software at a surprisingly affordable price. That means something as powerful as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 with 6 or 8GB of RAM, and very good cameras at a price that is closer to $350-400 than the near-$1000 price tags many flagships are demanding of consumers. With other “medium-range” phones getting more expensive, it’s good to know that some options will remain.

Though it may not be the most innovative flagship of the year, but, it could well turn out to be the most affordable, and that also counts for a lot.

5. 5G powered devices

With 3G and 4G already being tested, the likely look in 2019 is 5G. Be it a phone, tablet, television, or notebook, that works on a 5G connection, is going to be one to look out for. Though it can’t be expected in India soon, they will be out in other parts of the world and surely going to have a huge impact.

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