Tough times ahead for Pawan Kalyan and Janasena?

Danger looms ahead for the Janasena party… This seems to be the pulse of the party members and Pawan Kalyan fans alike. Both groups are advising each other to proceed with caution and not react violently to the incidents unfolding. Social media is filled with these messages of warning. Though the party escaped the direct onslaught of film critic Kathi Mahesh barely three months ago, fresh misgivings are now rampant.

Pawan Kalyan had anticipated a major backlash when he first began his political opposition to the TDP. As expected, leaders of that party had resorted to character assasination of the actor turned politician. While that phase passed fairly quickly, Janasena’s opposition to TDP, the YCP and the BJP puts it in a very vulnerable position. It is understood that Pawan Kalyan has issued an internal party circular that the party may be attacked from any front and advised caution. With Pawan being a new entrant to politics, there are no accusations of corruption against him. His contenders, therefore, can resort to only personal attacks.

Of late, the issue of casting couch and harassment of women in the Telugu film industry has been shocking the state. With Pawan being a prominent personality in both the film industry and politics, it was inevitable that his name would be dragged in sooner or later. As anticipated, the past couple of days have seen a relentless attack on Pawan Kalyan. An artiste named Sruthi accused Pawan of having a bad character, saying he gets massages done by Bengali girls. She entreated people to not vote for him. The very next day, however, she backtracked, offering an apology and the advise not to take her seriously. The whistleblower in this matter, Sri Reddy, has gone a step further and abused Pawan Kalyan in the foulest of language. She has taken objection to Pawan’s comments that she should have approached the police and the court if she faced sexual harassment, rather than approaching the media to create a sensation.
Sri Reddy’s comments have outraged the fans of the Power Star. There are many indications of his followers losing patience, despite warnings to keep their cool. This has put the party into a quandry. Pawan Kalyan’s confused comments and announcements are further worrying the party. It is being reported that the party has decided to proceed in a balanced manner as far as possible.