Transmission of infections is at an all time high

The transmission of infections is now at an all time high as more than one billion people crossing international borders every year. Also, travel alerts issued by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention are not known to many travelers, who don’t take the necessary precautions.

According to Global Travel EpiNet, which has studied data of 20 years, the most common diseases carried or contracted by travellers are malaria, dengue, yellow fever, tuberculosis, travellers diarrhoea and hepatitis.
Dr Sunitha Nagireddy of the infectious disease control unit at Apollo Hospitals, said, “The spread of the infection is because travellers are spending long hours in aeroplanes where one infected person can spread the infection to those who are immune compromised. We are noting a lot of cross transmission of diseases; those which were seen only in some regions of the globe are now finding their way into countries where the population is very high. This leads to larger spread of the disease.”
Dr S. Shiva of the epidemiology wing of the stat government said, “It’s very important to take the yellow fever vaccine if travelling to Africa. Compliance is a must and airports must check to ensure that the shots have been taken from the right authority. When this is not done problems arise.”
Dr P.N.S. Reddy, senior pulmonologist, said, “Some of them are self-limiting in nature while others require prolonged treatment. Like during the annual pilgrimage of Haj we find a lot of pilgrims coming back with respiratory problems. Some of them are found to be on medication for a span of two to three months.”