TRS leader's gimmick to woo the voters

Whenever the elections are near, the most common scenario is the politicians start wooing or tricking. The timing and implementation are political, while the motive is questionable. Sometimes these are manipulative and deceitful.
Ahead of the upcoming polls in Telangana, the political leaders have started their election campaign and trying their best to woo the voters.

The TRS leader from Illandu constituency, Koram Kanakaiah had taken a step forward than others. As a part of his elections campaign, he went to a man who is bathing and helped him bathing. Later, he clicked the photograph with him and made it viral all over. It remains to be seen how far would this gimmick help Kanakaiah in the upcoming elections.
Kanakaiah was a former Congress leader who won in the 2014 elections on behalf of Congress party and later moved to TRS.