Asauddin Owaisi, the MIM leader predicted TRS’s victory in the upcoming elections but confirmed that there’s no chance of merging his party with the TRS. He also said that MIM is supporting TRS in all constituencies except 8 areas.

Asauddin also mocked the Prajakutami of TDP, Congress, CPI, and TJS as ‘East India Company 2018’. Addressing the media at Somajiguda press club, he said that his team is Hyderabad team and not B or C team as commented by Rahul Gandhi.

Asauddin also criticized the neighboring state CM Chandrababu Naidu for intervening in Telangana politics. The MIM leader also blasted at the anonymous companies leading to confusion with baseless surveys. Asauddin hailed KCR as the supporter of Muslims but skipped to answer the question whether he would support the Mahakutami if it comes into power.

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