In the Arizona wild, exceedingly rare ocelot has been spotted by the conservationists. Several pictures of the wild cat nicknamed ‘Lil Jefe’ are doing rounds now.  Since 2009, only five individuals have been verified in Arizona.

As per the experts, they have been long subject to poaching and habitat loss and now face mounting threats from plans for a border wall between the US and Mexico.

“Captured by remote sensor cameras just north of the U.S.-Mexico border, this extraordinary footage provides a rare glimpse of one of North America’s most mysterious wild felines,” Conservation CATalyst said.

CATalyst added, “This is the first ever publicly released trail camera video of an Arizona ocelot, and it comes at a critical point in this cat’s conservation.”

Conservation CATalyst further stated, “Mounting border-related disturbances and barriers, including the U.S/Mexico border wall are now among their top direct threats.”

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