A new study of Harvard has issued a warning stating that two of the most popular e-cigarettes flavors are so damaging to cells they could destroy the lung function of vapers.

Popcorn and caramel – two widely used e-liquids – contain chemicals that wear down the lungs’ first line of defense.

And the people, who use these flavours, may be more susceptible to lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma.

Associate professor of environmental genetics and pathophysiology Quan Lu said, “Our new study suggests that these chemicals may be harming cilia – the first line of defense in the lungs – by altering gene expression related to cilia production and function.”

Prof Allen said, “E-cigarette users are heating and inhaling flavoring chemicals that were never tested for inhalation safety. Although some e-cig manufacturers are stating that they do not use diacetyl or 2,3-pentandione, it begs an important question – what chemicals, then, are they using for flavoring?”

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