U-Turn Review

Cast: Samantha, Bhumika, Aadi Pinishetty, Rahul Ravindran, and others
Director: Pawan Kumar
Producers: Srinivasa Chhitturi, Rambabu Bandaru
Release date: 13th September 2018
Actress Samantha who was mostly confined to glamorous roles had tried her luck with a female-oriented thriller U-Turn, an official remake of the Kannada super hit with the same title. Let’s see whether the Telugu version can create the same magic or not.

Rachana (Samantha), an investigative journalist by profession shockingly becomes the prime suspect in a case related to series of mysterious deaths on a flyover. Though she claims that she’s been investigating the case and she has nothing to do with the deaths, the police still suspect her.
However, a young police officer Aadi Pinishetty who sees a death in front of his eyes believes her version and heads to resolve the mystery behind the deaths.
Why are people killing on the flyover and who is the killer? Did Samantha and Aadi resolve the mystery forms the rest of the story.

Samantha has pulled off the role of an investigative journalist with a great ease. Though her dubbing is not convincing, she made it up with her acting.
Aadi Pinishetty as an upright cop delivers another good performance.
Bhumika Chawla who made a strong comeback with MCA delivers yet another mind-blowing performance.
Rahul Ravindran is okay in his role.
First Half
Taut Screenplay
Predictable Climax
The movie is quite engaging till it focuses on the mystery part, but it turns predictable when it’s linked to Supernatural elements. Director Pawan Kumar has chosen the theme on the people who don’t have traffic sense.
Though he chose to pick an interesting theme and presented in a realistic way, he forgot a basic point that a woman can’t be kept in the police station the whole night. Even few logics go missing in the end.
On the whole, U-Turn is an engaging murder mystery worth watching.

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