To everyone’s surprise, young Japanese adults came up with a new platform for finding a spouse. Recently, at an event in Tokyo, men and women, in order to seek spouse, sat around a table with tiny bots interspersed between them.

The event was hosted by the Tokyo-based Contents innovation Program (CiP) Association, which develops AI, robotics and other tech.

According to the Japan News, these tiny droids served as a messenger for each person to introduce themselves, since many said they felt ‘too anxious’ to conduct a conversation on their own.

Ryunosuke Takahashi, CiP’s executive director, told The Japan News that robots can help people who may be conversationally challenged interact with others, especially when it comes to ‘marriage hunting.’

One participant said, “It was easy because the robot explained everything about me, and I didn’t have to say anything during multiple interactions.”

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