Obesity has become the most worrisome and growing problem across the world and people often rely on weight-reduction clinics and surgeries to shed the extra flab. For all those who are worried about their excess weight, experts from the University of Warwick comes up with an easier solution.

The experts revealed that people can actually reduce 6.6lb in six months after a 90-minute mindfulness session. They also said that mindfulness will help people overcome psychological problems.

One of the sessions also covered ‘mindful eating’ – in which participants were taught to eat more slowly, savor every mouthful and concentrate on flavor.

Dr. Hanson said: ‘Many people eat in front of the television, they do not talk to their family, they don’t even really notice what they are eating.

‘Advice includes how to become much more aware of what you are eating – such as sitting down at a dinner table.’

The research is the British study to assess the benefit of mindfulness training weight loss, which included 53 people.

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