PM Modi who is busy sketching news strategies for the upcoming elections was instantly surprised by a wedding card. A couple belonging to Surat, have designed their wedding card asking guests to vote for PM Modi. The card also details facts about the controversial Rafale aircraft deal, saying ‘Keep calm and Trust NAMO’.

The groom Yuvraj Pokharna, 28, is an engineering graduate and MSC in mathematics. Yuvraj’s father runs an IIT-JEE coaching center in Surat. He will be getting married to, Sakshi Agarwal, also an engineer, on January 22 at Silvassa.

The self-confessed fan of Narendra Modi, Yuvraj told that seeing Modi re-elected in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections would be their wedding gift. He said that they do not belong to rich families and have made a simple card with facts about Rafale aircraft deal to help people dispel the misconceptions surrounding the issue.


Yuvraj claims that he is not a member of any political party and just a fan of the PM.

Impressed by the wedding invitation, PM Modi wrote a letter to the couple and appreciated them for their love towards the nation.

“Heartiest Congratulations to Pokharna family on the joyous occasion of the marriage of Yuvraj and Sakshi. I noticed a unique feature of the marriage invitation card sent to the guests,” read the letter signed and sent by Modi.

“The ingenuity of its content reflects your abiding concern and love for the nation. This also inspires me to keep working harder for our country,” the letter said.

“Best wishes and blessings to the couple for a happy and prosperous life,” Modi said in the letter shared by Yuvraj Pokharna with the media.


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