Who said unmarried Rahul Gandhi is a bachelor? : Pawan Kalyan

After maintaining his calm over the personal attacks of TDP, YSRCP and other political leaders, Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan had finally unleashed his anguish and gave the naysayers a befitting reply. Addressing the gathering in Bhimavaram of West Godavari, Pawan Kalyan challenged Chandra Babu Naidu to call for Panchayat elections and said that Jana Sena would win the elections with a huge margin. He also accused the TDP of fearing to go for elections.

Here are some more accusations made by Pawan Kalyan
40 years of Congress rule and 20 years of TDP rule didn’t change the fortunes of the poor
Snatch 2 MP seats and 15 MLA seats from TDP and give them to Jana Sena
While i was talking about public policies, YS Jagan targeted me on a personal level, and i will bear it with patience. You bring all the lethal weapons, but they are of no use in front of the burning revolution in the heart.
What have you done to the West Godavari and what will you do in the future? I challenge, Chandra Babu, Lokesh, and Jagan to debate on the same and i will come all alone.
You are unable to perform your duties responsibly. If i were given the power, i would have shaken the government.

Long ago, VH accused me of marrying thrice and praised Rahul Gandhi for remaining unmarried. Does it mean that Rahul can be still called a bachelor?
How dare you to talk about my personal life? If i start digging out your personal issues, you can’s show your faces. I know what you have done with the towel in the University and will make it public soon.
144 section has been imposed for tearing Pawan Kalyan’s flex. I was hurt by that. I don’t need such kind of Bhimavaram, but aspiring for a caste-free Bhimavaram.
You are accusing the Jana Sena leaders of driving the bikes without silencers. But, our leaders are not doing any land mafia business like Lokesh, and corruption like YSRCP. It’s a small mistake which usually everyone commits in the youth.
I am taking an oath on Gurupoornima, Jana Sena will take the powers of the state and it starts from Bhimavaram. The tenure of Sarpanch’s will end on 1st August. Call for Panchayat elections and question Jana Sena if we don’t contest. But, AP CM is in no position to conduct the elections with the fearing of losing as it might affect the Assembly elections.