India, which is advancing in terms of technology and competing with the world’s top countries, sadly, India is not focusing much on mental health issues (0.06% of its health budget on mental healthcare) and has an acute shortage of professionals who can help people fight mental disorders. There are 0.30 psychiatrists, 0.17 nurses, and 0.05 psychologists per 1,00,000 mentally ill patients in the country.

The most worrisome factor is that nearly one in seven teenagers growing up in India’s metros could be suffering from mental health disorders as per the survey held by the National Mental Health Survey 2015-16.

When Tannika Majumdar Batra lost her mother in November 2004, she started using her mother’s unused prescription to overcome the sleeplessness. However, later she got addicted to the sleeping pills and the dosage increased up to five or six doses of Valium a day.

For years together, she visited several doctors to get a clear diagnosis but couldn’t find. After eight long years of misdiagnosis, it was only after her father’s demise in 2012 that she was given a clear diagnosis.

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