Why is Rahul Gandhi showing so much interest in her?

If you are on Twitter or any other social media platform, there is a strong possibility that you have read something about Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s marriage to a fellow politician, Aditi Singh. The photographs of the two leaders did massive rounds on social media. However, it turned out a baseless speculation in no time.

Though Aditi clarified that Rahul is like Rakhi brother to her, the rumour mill has not stopped working on social media. Whenever he visits Uttar Pradesh, Rahul Gandhi has been touring Aditi’s constituency without fail which led to wild speculations.
While the Congress leaders are trying to justify that as it was Sonia Gandhi’s segment, Rahul Gandhi has been visiting the constituency frequently. But, to further strengthen the gossips, Rahul Gandhi had promoted Aditi Singh the General Secretary for All India Mahila Congress.

As Sonia Gandhi had already confirmed to step out of the politics and her daughter Priyanka Gandhi too not interested, the buzz is that Congress party is trying to give MP seat for Aditi Singh from Raebareli Sadar constituency.