While there are several reports of increasing unemployment in India, the Modi-led NDA government is adamant to admit it and has adopted worrying strategies to deal with the problem, which are essentially two-fold.

The government’s first approach is denying the fact of the existence of unemployment in India. The PM said that more than a lack of jobs, the issue is a lack of data on jobs. While the recommendations of the Task Force on Improving Employment Data are yet to be implemented, the government started a major media campaign, claiming an increase in job creation based on various administrative and government schemes data, which are not yet universally accepted as reliable sources for employment data.

Ever since the economic reforms began in India in 1991, there’s bee a high rise in the country. Modi government which promised to create new jobs in their rule has been claiming a street vendor who earns Rs 200 by selling ‘pakodas’ can be said as employed.

However, this can’t be said as an employment and not the government’s initiative or achievement. It’s time for the government to come up with ideas to create employment rather than boasting themselves with false claims.

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