Will TRS support Pawan Kalyan in Andhra Pradesh special status issue?

Special status for Andhra Pradesh has been a long pending issue. The latest development on this front in ‘Operation 54’. As all Andhra Pradesh political parties are more or less amenable to Vundavalli’s suggestion of introducing a No Confidence motion in the Parliament, the next step is to find the required quora for this. The number of MPs needed to introduce the motion is 54, while AP has only 25 MPs. Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan has taken it upon himself to convince 29 more MPs to back the motion, provided the TDP or the YCP introduce it. He has promised to meet party representatives from AAP in New Delhi, Biju Janata Dal in Odisha, and other anti-BJP parties to convince them at any cost. However, the matter of the capacity in which Pawan will undertake these negotiations still unclear.

Amidst all this, the reaction of the other Telugu state Telangana is gaining importance. TRS MP Kavitha has already expressed solidarity with Andhra Pradesh and requested the Central government to grant AP’s demands. The question now is whether KCR and the TRS will join this Operation 54. While Pawan Kalyan and KCR are on fairly good terms, will KCR heed Pawan’s request to join the fight for Andhra Pradesh. KCR has so far acted very strategically and been pro-Modi all through. Would he risk the security he has gained through this for a neighbouring state? These are questions that have no answer yet. However, it is critical that Telangana support AP’s demands in one form or another. If it doesn’t, other anti-BJP parties might cite the non-involvement of a neighbouring state as a reason to stay away from Operation 54. How thd situation will be resolved remains to be seen.