For the first time in the world, a Swedish woman has become pregnant after having a womb transplant performed by a robot.

As per the reports, the woman, whose name and age are unknown, is expecting a child in spring this year and the procedure was done in Sweden in 2017.

After the delivery, she will be only  the 14th person ever to have a baby after a womb transplant.

As per the doctors, robots for the procedure has ‘a great future’ and makes surgery less damaging for donors as the procedure to be done through five 1cm-wide holes in the donor’s body – unlike much bigger cuts needed by human surgeons.

“I think robotic surgery has a great future in this area… …the donor loses less blood, the hospital stay is shorter, and the patient feels better after surgery,” said Professor Mats Brannstrom, a world-leading researcher in the field.


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