Yanamala breathes fire on Jagan

The Andhra Pradesh finance minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu breathed fire on YS Jagan and his ‘Vanchana Vyathirekha Deeksha’. He slammed Jagan as the biggest betrayer and called his Deeksha, a futile one.

In a press release, Yanamala threw some questions at Jagan which are as below:
Is it not the betrayal to earn hundreds of crores by taking advantage of your father’s position?
Does a betrayer like you has the right ‘Vanchana Vyathirekha Deeksha’?
Jagan, who is an accused in 12 charge sheets is not a betrayer?
Haven’t you built the manors in Hyderabad’s Lotus Pond, Yelahanka in Bengaluru, and Idupulapaya by betraying the poor?
Is lobbying with Sonia Gandhi during bifurcation for bail, not a betrayal?
Lobbying with the BJP now to come clean out of all cases, not a betrayal?
Are you scared to question Modi who cheated AP?