Zabiyaka the goat predicts the winners in FIFA World Cup matches

While the football world cup fever has gripped across the globe, a goat named Zabiyaka from a zoo in Samara in Russia is making all heads turn with its sensational predictions. It’s predicting the winners of each game in the tournament.

The ‘psychic’ goat surprised everyone by predicting the results of the upcoming match between Australia and Denmark which will be played on June 21, 2018.
The result of Australia vs Denmark match
When the goat was asked to predict the result of the game, it predicted the result as a tame draw without any hesitation.
Zabiyaka was selected for predicting the results of the world cup after facing severe competition from other ‘psychic’ animals in the zoo including a squirrel monkey, a python, and a camel.
Shockingly, Zabiyaka is not the first animal to predict the winners of this year’s FIFA world cup matches. A cat from Russia had accurately predicted Russia’s victory over Saudi Arabia in the opening game of the tournament.